Mission Statement:
Theme for the Future
To make sure the children of Berean Prayer Center are encouraged to be, and recognized as, a functioning part of the Christian family, that they get the best possible teaching, and are surrounded by God's love.

a. An image of success, and
b. A goal to bring the group together with one purpose.
It will be realistic and believable, easy to understand, and will focus the group's energies.
It will be challenging and inspirational.

In Summary: Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Pro 22:6)."

1. Evaluate current children's activities (if any).
Analyze each age group to determine what will work and what wouldn’t.
Programs or activities fitting in with vision statement?
Activities that are developmentally appropriate, and promotes spiritual growth
that fits into the vision statement.

2. Develop a plan.
Brainstorm ideas of what the ministry contain, and what would work for this group?

3. Budget:
Money for children’s activities. If not, will consider Fund Raising or appeal to the
congregation to help jump start by contributing specifically to the children’s ministry?

4. Availability of teachers: One or two helpers gifted to work with children that can assist in
accordance with the ministry's goals and vision?

5. Calendar: When is the best time to schedule activities and programs?
What times should be avoided due to vacations or holidays? (Tele-Conference line)

6. Publicity: To keep the church and community informed of our activities and calendar.

7. Specific Goals Set.
a. Each age group have different goals to achieve, depending on their developmental

b. Christ-centered study for children in Berean Prayer Center to learn including specific goals, measurable, Biblical, and attainable.

c. To review Goals periodically to evaluate whether they are being met and what needs
to change in order to achieve them.

We know that not every age group will achieve every goal, but the children’s ministry as a whole should be meeting its goals regularly. For example: Choir within the ministry; Play or skits; – occasionally and going on trip to visit another children’s ministries.

PRAY. Continually pray for the program, committee members, children, teachers, and congregation's support.

• Reach children with the gospel,
• Disciple children in Christian growth,
• Have an exciting children's church ministry,
• Maintain a faithful group of kids who can't wait to arrive at Berean Prayer Center every

In essentially any story within the Bible, it is possible to insert the four basic gospel truths (in any order):

• God loves you.
• Everyone is a sinner, and sin has a penalty.
• Jesus Christ paid the price for you.
• You must believe and receive Him.

Our vision is to smoothly weave these four truths in and out of our Bible Lesson without making the children feel that they’ve been strayed from the lesson at all. We use “linking statements” that will carry our listener out of the lesson into a moment of teaching about a particular truth and then back into the lesson in a very coherent manner.

For example:
God told Noah to build an ark so that his family would not be destroyed by the flood. God has made a way for us to be saved, too… (and then we proceed to explain how Jesus Christ made a way for us to be saved from sin and its penalty).

The Bible Lesson is our greatest opportunity to both reach our children's church kids with the gospel and to disciple those who are already saved

• God wants us to read our Bibles everyday.
• You need to tell others about Jesus.
• It is wrong to tell lies.
• Be ye kind one to another.
• God loves you and wants you to love others.
• Children, obey your parents.