About Us

Berean Prayer Center is a Christian organization that was established in 2002 and seeks to equip, empower and unite the brethren to impact individuals, families and communities to repossess their God-given inheritance. B.P.C. is a Deliverance Ministry that has witnessed many lives changed and experienced breakthroughs.

In an era when no one seems to find lasting solutions to the issues of family disintegration, crime, racial division, drug addiction, immorality, injustice etc.

Many solutions have been proposed but most of them fall short of providing permanent answers.

This is because these solutions used in addressing these issues negate the spiritual aspects.

It is the contention of this ministry that every physical problem has a spiritual dimension. "The core cause of the problems we face is a spiritual one.

The Lord has been changing lives and delivering souls from such social vices, ancestral and generational curses at our sanctuary.

'Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' Mat. 11:28.

Are you a new resident or a visitor in New York City? You will find a friend and a family in us.